Our philosophy

At St. Vincent de Paul we believe that in the atmosphere of a developing Faith Community we are to encourage persons to become more fully the unique individuals they are destined to be. This belief involves an acknowledgment that we are not the primary educators of children, but rather participants in a growth process that has begun before us and will continue after us. In Christ we find our reason for existence. As Christian educators we are commissioned by the Catholic Church to assist each child in developing a life in response to the message of Jesus and the stewardship of creation. We further believe that everyone is both teacher and learner, and that cooperative endeavor is essential in the developing Faith Community of students, parents, and faculty to:
  • Attain the doctrinal foundation of Catholic values
  • Express belief in our basic relationships with God
  • Realize Christian unity among all
Perceiving individual differences as strengths rather than as weak-nesses, we hold it necessary to develop a climate of trust in which both adults and children can experience mutual respect and reverence. Moreover, we believe that flexibility is necessary to allow the teacher to adapt to the needs of the child and to allow the child, in our changing society:
  • To build self-worth, and self-identity
  • To develop self-discipline, responsibility, leadership skills, Christian values, and the formation of conscience
Finally, St. Vincent de Paul School seeks an environment in which faith in the Catholic Christian tradition affects the social development, academic growth, and religious maturity of all members of its Faith Community.