Families with students in 1-6 will drop off at the cafeteria entrance. Temps will be
taken at carline before parents drive off. Car line will end at 7:45 and you must
drop off at the front after 7:45.
Families with a PK student and older siblings, will bring ALL students to the front.
If you have a PK 3-4 student, you may either drop off all students at the FRONT
door with car drop off or if you wish to walk your pre k student to the outside pod
door, you may park your car and walk your older children to the front door then
proceed on the sidewalk to the PK pod door by the PK playground for temp check
and drop off at the door.
All Pre K 2 students must be walked to the PK pod via sidewalk to PK playground
to sign in your children at the pod door.
If it is rainy or wet weather, you will drop all students at the front door/lobby.
No one is allowed in the building at this time but staff, students and contract